Summoned Grace

It is quite possibly the most dreaded legal notice any of us will receive... a call to jury duty. I got one in December and had to call today for a possible appearance tomorrow. I have a million other things I'd rather be doing... but duty calls. (Pardon the pun.) As much as I dread going... I know it is part of the of living in a free society so I'm not going to complain... (too much.) Fortunately I've been placed on call. I have to call the office again tomorrow to find out about a possible appearance later that day or Wednesday. I think that's a good sign. It's a holiday week... and they probably won't start any new cases on a Wednesday... right?

In the meantime I'll keep up the petitions to St. Joan of Arc... Patron Saint of jury members. If you've got a second, offer one up on my behalf, please.