Feminine Grace

It occurred to me today that my social relationships have made a dramatic shift over the last several years. In years past most of my intimate friendships and close relationships were with men. I had always preferred their company over that of women. I don't know why, it just seemed as though we were more compatible. But as I evaluate those who are near me now, I am pleasantly surprised to say that most of them are women. I've always considered myself an anti-feminist. I know that God created men and women very differently and for different purposes. These differences were not to be overlooked, but celebrated. I don't get caught up in drama and I never complain about my husband to others. (I save all of those conversations for him.)

I can honestly say that I have surrounded myself with some great girl friends. These are women that I admire and respect. I really enjoy the women that I work and volunteer with as well as ones that I hang out with just for fun. Some of my favorites are the mothers of Sierra and Steel's friends and classmates. What originally brought us to relationship is no longer a factor. We've continued to be friends because we really like each other.

With all of these women, I seem to be on the same intellectual and maturity level. Opening up and sharing is easy because there is trust and understanding. Now that I am aware of this grace, I'm going to try and figure out what's different in me that has made this all possible.