Bark Side Brings Bright Side

I could have told you at 6:30 am that today was going to be a terrific day.  I knew it instinctively this morning.  It didn't make any sense, because I had been up several times in the night (from about 1:00 am on) with insomnia.  I was afraid it was going to make the whole day bad but just the opposite occurred.   How many times do you get to watch a completely awesome YouTube dog video from the treadmill that early in the morning?  And when I saw it, I watched it over and over again because it brought me pure joy.

Now, I'm not a Star Wars fan... I haven't even watched the movies, but I knew immediately what song these guys were barking out.  It was so cool.  I think the smile that started so early in the morning never left my face.

Happiness and joy feel good. They really do. Our incredible bodies, minds and souls have a true physiological reaction to anything that makes us smile. I can't think of anything (well, maybe besides love) that is a more vibrant encounter with grace than joy. For me, it comes this day in the form of a silly dog video. (Well, maybe not so silly... brilliant actually. The marketing strategy is ingenious.) The point is that the grace of joy is there to be found, but it's different for each of us. Watching this changed my entire outlook for the day and that positive energy never left me. Who knew synchronized singing dogs could have such an impact.