Feeding Starving Children

Today we were graced with an opportunity to help feed the hungry. For 2 hours, we joined other members of the Hilmar community and packed meals to be distributed by the organization Feed My Starving Children. The non-profit organization was founded in 1987. Faced with the reality that nearly 18,000 children die EACH DAY from starvation or starvation-realted causes, this Christian group partners with missionaries around the world to distribute the food they pack in orphanages, schools and relief centers. The work was simple and fun. Each bag contains 6 meals. The ingredients are put into the bags, they are weighed, sealed and boxed up for shipping. Just a simple assembly line. We had approximately 230 volunteers in our session. There were lots of familiar faces but some strangers as well. We all had a common goal. In two hours, we packed enough meals to feed 133 children for 1 year. Not bad for just 2 hours of a simple task.

Amazing things happen when people come together to help others. If you ever get a chance to volunteer with this program, I highly recommend it. You will walk away feeling as though you made a difference.

To find out more about this program, visit their website at www.fmsc.org.