Salt Water

Last fall I saw a quote that has really stuck with me. "The cure for anything is salt water... sweat, tears and the sea." I thought that it was very profound. At that time, I wasn't shedding many tears, I certainly was not sweating and I couldn't remember the last time I had touched the sea. I knew all of that had to change. Right then and there I resolved to do at least one of these three things every single day. If I could, I'd visit the sea each day... but I had to be realistic. While everyday was not likely at least once a month seemed at least possible. In 2011, we drove close enough to see the ocean one day but that's wasn't enough. (That was my only ocean encounter in 2011.) To experience the healing properties of the salt water, I wanted to touch it.

So, today we traveled to Monterey with John and Anne. It was a beautiful day. I donned my rubber boots and stood in the surf as soon as we arrived. It was a little too chilly to stay right on the beach for long, but I had accomplished my goal. We spent the rest of the day walking around the wharf.

This is only the first of my ocean adventures for the year, but I can already tell you that this was one of the best ideas I've ever had. It is a shame to live so close to this beautiful place and not visit more often. It is so easy to see God's grace in the beauty of his creation. You can't help but be transformed and filled with peace.

Until next month, I'll have to go back to sweat and tears... but the healing is already evident.