Yes, I love Twilight and I'm not afraid to admit it. I read the books (all of them) in about 10 days a few years ago. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and I was hooked. While the movies are not nearly as good as the books, they are still entertaining. Today, I hosted 3 good friends for a Twilight Marathon where we watched all three movies (available on DVD) in a row. We did this to review the movies with one of our friends who is new to the series. We guilted her into watching the movies so she knew what we were talking about (after the release of Breaking Dawn Part 1 last fall.)

While I probably could tell you about the grace I have experienced from the Twilight Series (I do credit them for helping to heal me of a respiratory infection I had while I was reading the books) I will focus on real gift. The gift of friendship.

These four, faithful friends have been hanging out with me for about 15 years. Our daughters went to grammar school together. We meet most every month, usually for dinner out at a restaurant. Sometimes these dinners last several hours because we can't stop talking. I treasure their friendship and enjoy their company.

Next month we're going to conclude the series when the 4th movie is released on DVD. This just keeps getting better.