Trending Angry Fans

I'm finding myself a bit perplexed at the negative outlash towards San Francisco 49er Kyle Williams regarding his performance at yesterday's game. I'm not really defending the guy... who knows why he played the way he did. Maybe it was lack of talent, maybe it was poor preparation... I don't know. Furthermore, I don't care. Actually, I'm not at all concerned with Kyle Williams. My frustration is directed towards those who feel a need to berate or punish him over his actions. Now, to hear that he is receiving death threats, I really question our societies sanity when it comes to sports. Immediately following the game the flood gates of negative comments filled my Twitter feed and Trending Topics. It was the top trend again this morning. Really? This is what we talked about for 12+ hours in row...?

I'd like to think I have a balanced perspective on life and the things I enjoy. While I LOVE football... I can't imagine spending this much effort on my disappointment for the events of one particular player, in one particular game. Now, I have to admit, I've pouted over losses. (Read back in my blog and you'll find my whining.) But I understand the game. The outcome could be different each and every time. That's why they keep playing. Part of the wonder of sports is the opportunity to improve and prove performance. It's a test... and as fans... many of us fail.

But instead of being angry, I'm disappointed and sad. I feel sorry for those who take it so personally that they derive no joy from just watching two excellent teams compete. There is value in the effort and it is by grace that I am able to appreciate.