Reading Recovery

I've always considered my love of reading a special gift. Not only did this make school much easier, it has been a source of entertainment and a relaxing hobby. In the last few years, I've discovered that reading does so much more for me than just past the time. I've come to realize that it is my ultimate escape from reality. When I am focused on a really good story, I cannot think of anything else. It is as though the world melts away... or at least goes on pause.

I know for some, exercise provides the same kind of relief. I wish it were so for me. (Perhaps I have not tried it enough...?) I think if I had the same kind of physiological reduction of stress when I was working out as I do when I was reading, I might stick with it a bit longer.

For now, I have my trusty Kindle. When I don't have a new book to keep my interest, I can always go back to my favorites and that's what I'm going to do tonight.