Thinking vs. Feeling

Day 27 of the Amazing Grace blog... and I'm stuck. It's been a really crappy week and quite frankly, I'm finding myself hosting a bit of a pity party. One of the things I'm learning (very quickly) is that it's difficult to experience grace when you're feeling sorry for yourself. I know that the grace is still there... all around me, just waiting to be appreciated. But for me it's difficult to access when I'm too focused on everything that's wrong instead of the blessings.

This is not rocket science. It's similar to my struggle with diet. I know (intelligence) that the formula to lose weight is to consume less calories than I burn. Simple math. Very, simple math. I feel (emotions) like eating a cupcake. So I have two. Therein lies the problem.

We get in trouble when we let our emotions control our behavior. Emotions are unpredictable and unreliable. They can be influenced by hormones, health and even the weather. I'm learning very quickly that they can also be a barrier to experiencing grace. And that just doesn't seem worth it.