Special Delivery

I helped Sierra deliver some of her delicious cupcakes to an event in Modesto today.  There were 150 pretty, pink sweet treats that will be enjoyed at a benefit dinner.  These particular cupcakes are my new favorite.  Even the aroma from these was intoxicating.  I've eaten several of the "ugly" ones and have a few extras left for tomorrow. I keep telling Sierra that this little side business is not her real job.  Sometimes I feel like she spends much too much time and energy in making these cupcakes.  I'm constantly asking her if she's charging enough to even cover her expenses.  She always assures me that she does.

She said to me that she enjoys doing this so much, she's not co concerned about the money.  As long as she covers her expenses she'll do it just for the enjoyment.  It occurred to me that she just defined what it takes to be successful.  If you can turn a profit from doing something you love, you have achieved success.

Every time I learn one of these little life lessons, I consider it a gift.  Learning these things from your child is really a grace filled moment.  It's a difficult thing to admit when your children surpass you in intelligence and common sense.  I always knew they were extraordinary, but I'm only beginning to realize their potential.  Sierra has always been responsible and mature... Who knew she'd be a good example and role model to her mother?