"Rohr-ing" Grace

Several years ago, my friend Joan told me about a Catholic priest who wrote a lot about grace. This particular author was one of her favorites, and he quickly became one of mine as well. His name is Fr. Richard Rohr. Now I will admit that some of his writings go a little over my head. His thinking is on a higher spiritual level than I have achieved. However, I am always moved by his words and take something away every time I read anything from him.

I was completely overjoyed to find that Richard Rohr has an active presence on Twitter. (I'm sure Twitter will be it's own grace post some time this year... more to come.) Anyway, I came across this 'tweet' from a couple days ago...

"We are not the pure wine, but merely a wineglass. We never 'master' love but we are the lovely vessels through which love pours and spills."

If you're like me... you'll have to read that over and over again before it really sinks in. What a beautiful image and concept. And what a wonderful image of grace.

I have to admit, I've been a little nervous (especially after the trying week I've had) about finding content for this blog. But after reading this I was not only I touched by the words, I was wonderfully relieved when I realized that I can tap into the wisdom of Richard Rohr on my journey to understand and appreciate grace this year.


For those of you interested in Fr. Rohr you can follow him on Twitter at: @RichardRohrOFM