Smooth Criminal

I wouldn't call myself a huge Michael Jackson fan... or a Gleek.   I do, however, have a true appreciation for music and I think the show Glee does a great job of bringing a different form of music to the masses.  I don't catch every episode, but I'm surprising impressed whenever I do get to see the show.  Tonight was a special episode featuring the music of Michael Jackson. Regardless of what people think of Michael Jackson as a person, there is no denying the man was a genius when it came to music.  The height of his popularity was during my high school years, so I grew up with his songs and  I know almost all of them.  For me it is sad to think of what his life became and the nature of his death.  Truly, struck down by a smooth criminal.

What we are left with becomes even more valuable  For those who loved his music, Michael Jackson will live forever through the gift he shared.  I probably don't know all of the correct lyrics, but I can sing along (sort of) with my favorites.

It sounds so simple, but I am struck tonight of the gift of recorded music.  We are forever blessed with the songs long after the artist has passed away.  Much like listening to the sound of a loved ones voice on a video recording,  music can transport you back to a different time and flood your memory.