Customer Satisfaction

Customer service in a retail industry can be a difficult job. Sometimes the concerns are simple and easy to fix. I have to say that most of the customers are reasonable and respectful when they contact me. Most people are not out to get something for nothing. They only want what they think is fair. It's my job to solve problems. Today, when I arrived at work... there was a voicemail waiting for me. A customer who had an issue last week said that he was on his way into the store and wanted to see me. Of course my defenses instantly went into place. He was upset last week, but I thought we had reached an agreement to his issue. Not long after I listened to the voicemail, the customer arrived. I was pleasantly surprised that he wanted to thank me for the assistance and even presented me with a thank you card and a Starbuck's gift card. I was shocked. This does not happen every day. What a great way to start my work week!

We always seem to find the time to complain, but rarely do we go out of our way to compliment when we've received good service. Reputation sites are full of bad reviews, but rarely does anyone take the time to write nice things or post a note about their satisfaction. I'm going to change that for myself. If I complain, I have to compliment too. I've learned how important it is to recognize the good around me and that includes business.