Drop Ins

One of the best parts of living in town (in Hilmar) is the fact that our family drops by on occasion for quick visits. This hardly ever happened when we lived on the dairy. Now we are within walking distance from the school... and it's convenient to just swing by and say hello. I love this party of city life. Today we had Brandon come over after school and the rest of the Almeidas drop in for dinner. We also had a visit from Lynette and Lauren while they waited for Landon at a birthday party. With Sierra home too, we had quite a house full for a few minutes.

Since the others live a little ways away from town, we're a convenient place to hang out while the kids are doing other things. I.e. Catechism, birthday parties, 4-H meetings, practice, meetings... etc. It's perfect. We get to visit with the family, and they get to hang out and kill some time in between errands.