Seeing Clearly

I have been going to the same eye doctor since I was about 12 years old.  For those of you doing the math, yes... that is 30+ years.  Every year, same guy, same exam, same results.  "Kelli, your vision has changed since your last exam." For many years, my vision would yo-yo.  Sometimes better, sometimes worse.  The last several years however... it's been worse each time.  But not unexpected.  Dr. Andre pretty  much tells me what's going to happen next... and as predictions go he is very accurate.

He also knows me well enough to tell me that most of my issues with my vision is due to my lack of patience and tolerance.  He (gently) reminds me that I get less and less tolerant of poor vision the older I get.  It's not my vision that is changing per se as much as my attitude about my vision that changes.  (Sometimes I wonder if he isn't a guidance counselor for aging.)

Regardless of my vision issues, I have been graced with healthy eyes... and for that I am thankful.  He always shows me the medical photographs that they take of my eye each year and tries to explain what I'm viewing.  Most of this goes over my head.  But today, he showed me the photo of my eye, and the photo of someone else's eye that had a retinal detachment.  We were the same age and sex.  The difference was obvious and I was immediately thankful for my simple, fuzzy vision issues.