McCartney Lullaby

Paul. McCartney.  Just typing the words makes me swoon.  My affection for Beatles music forces me to say his name with reverence.  It's not a crush like some people (Leroy) think.  It's so much more.   It's much closer to adoration. I've always been a fan, but attending the Paul McCartney concert at AT&T Park (San Francisco) in June of 2010 was life changing.  The words of the Kenny Chesney song "Reality" sum it up best.

"Yeah, some days it's a bitch, it's a bummer

We need a rock and roll show in the summer

To let the music take us away

Take our minds to a better place"

Even though there were some great things that happened in 2010 some days really were a bitch and a bummer.  That concert (a long time bucket list item) really was an escape from the reality.  (To read more about the concert, and see my pictures, click here to read the blog post.)  Since that day, whenever I listen to his music, I have the added benefit of remembering the concert, the beautiful day and the experience we shared.

Last night, iTunes hosted a free, live, online concert of Paul singing songs from his new album "Kisses on the Bottom."  It was streamed live in HD and the visual (black and white) and audio was outstanding.  It was really fabulous.  I sat on the couch, curled up in Leroy's arms, listening and watching.  It was an hour of absolute bliss.

The music and the experience was a sweet lullaby.  I had wonderful dreams all night long, and woke up this morning with the refrains still in my head.  All day long, I've been flashing back to the video and the songs.  That's what good music does for you.  It's therapeutic and changes us on an emotional level.