A Fan of Feedback

So I'm not a big awards show watcher... but when they announced that both The Beach Boys and Paul McCartney would be performing, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Many people (who know me well) have messaged me assuming that Paul McCartney would be the topic of tonight's post. While he (and the Beach Boys) are the primary reason it's coming so late, the post about my experience comes from you. I am so moved by the reaction to my blog this year. It's only day 42 and the visits to my blog are way up over last year. By the 9th day of February, more visits had been recorded than the entire month of November 2011.

When I started daily blogging in 2009, I considered keeping it private. I wasn't sure I was willing to share so much of my life with the world. Even now, sometimes when I write, I tend to want to censor and filter my thoughts before writing them down, but I try to fight against it. I try very hard to be authentic. It's difficult, but it is my primary rule. This week's post about peri-menopause is a good example of a huge risk for me.

So tonight... I just thank you. I'm full of gratitude and respect for your kindness and support. You are certainly an undeserved gift from God... the simplest definition of Grace. For everyone who has commented and liked a post I say thank you. And for those of you who have shared the posts on your Facebook wall I am so honored that you thought enough of my words to offer them with your friends and extended family. Thank you so much for your going on this journey with me. We have 323 days to go and so much more to learn.

So that's it for tonight. Forgive this late post. I'm going back to the Grammy's. Sir Paul is expected to take the stage (again) and sing a few classic songs from the Beatles.