Family Stalker

I love stories... I love to write them and I love to read them.  There are so many wonderful true, real life stories out there that inspire and uplift.  These are my favorite.  I like things that make me smile. One of the best parts of Facebook for me has been reconnecting with family that lives far from us.  This has meant getting a glimpse into the lives of some of my 2nd and 3rd cousins.  Most of these kids are much younger than me... with growing families.  They wouldn't remember me, but I am getting re-acquainted  through the sharing of photographs and memories.  It's difficult to explain and maybe even sounds a little "stalker-ish" or "creeper-ish" but when they share, I get to be a part of the story.  When I read the posts on Facebook or blogs, I get to be a part of the experience... even if it is just through empathy.  If it's trials, I can pray.  If it's celebration I can offer congratulations and thanksgiving.  It's all good stuff... for them and for me.

One family in Washington state has been very open about their struggles and successes in the adoption process.  The dad is my 2nd cousin and it has probably been 20+ years since I've seen him.  He is much younger than me.  He was just a child at our last family reunion.  Now he is married to a wonderful woman who maintains a blog.  From her writings, not only have I learned about her, I've learned about my cousin and their growing family.

I was there (on the Internet) when they adopted their first daughter.  I was there (again in cyber-space) when they started looking for another child to add to their family.  I was there (you guessed it) when they went through the heart-break of a birth mother choosing to keep her baby.  And... finally this week, I was there (online) when they announced the arrival of another beautiful daughter.  What a wonderful journey to witness.  Quietly, and prayerfully, we have celebrated and mourned the ups and downs that they have shared with us.  And we have been the ones to be blessed by the effort.

I can't wait to make the trip to see this little family and to embrace the members I have yet to meet.  In the meantime, I am so grateful for Mom's efforts to share the stories of her growing family with her extended family.  The connection has truly been a point of grace for me and for all with whom I share the story.

I don't want to freak her out... but I'm a big fan.