Donkey Basketball

One of God's greatest gifts is that of laughter. I try to make it a daily habit... but some days it comes easier than others. Today was full of laughter. Laughter of the best kind. We went to watch my niece and nephew compete against each other in a rousing game of Donkey Basketball. This is an annual event for the Seniors at Hilmar High School. If you haven't witnessed a Donkey Basketball game before, you really need to get out to one. It is much more difficult (and funny) than it sounds.

The kids stepped up their game with creative costumes. Lauren was a Butterfinger candy bar and Austin was dressed as a Harlem Globetrotter. There were a ton of kids participating, and a packed gym to cheer them on.

In the end the boys won... (with a little strategy.) We had a great time... and made some terrific memories too.