Buy Local

I live in one of the most fruitful, (pun intended) agriculturally rich areas in the entire world. In 2010, California claimed over 400 different commodities and produced more than half of the nation's fruit, nuts and vegetables. The dairy industry claimed the top spot, producing more than 20% of the nations milk supply. I was so blessed to have lived on a working farm and to raise my children in that environment. It was a unique opportunity and one of the most grace-filled times of my life. We're not in the dairy business anymore, but we are supported by the Ag community all around us. It is the most vital part of our local economy. Being surrounded by this abundance has provided us with easy access to fresh, delicious food. I'll be honest and say that most of the time we take this for granted. The blessings of home are especially evident when we travel. The menus change, and the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables becomes limited. (The worst experience was a trip to New York City. I couldn't find a simple, tossed green dinner salad to save my life.)

I especially enjoy buying local. (Which is very easy for us because there is so much delicious food grown nearby.) One of the best parts of moving to Hilmar has been the easy access to fresh, local eggs from Gemperle. I think they just taste better. (The jumbo size are my favorites.) It's important to know where the food comes from. It's not only an investment in our health, it's an investment in our economy and ultimately our community.