California Dreaming

I think I mentioned this before, but one of my New Year's Resolutions was to visit the ocean at least once a month. Not only see the ocean, I have to actually touch it. January's trip was with John and Anne. Today, we brought Charlie for his first ever trip to the beach. He was funny and a little unsure of his surroundings. I wore my rubber boots and went out into the waves with him. Every time a wave would come up, he would jump over it like a stick. He reached down an took a drink and immediately shook his head in dismay. Lots of things to learn. I can't wait to take him back again and let him roam around off the leash. We ate lunch on the wharf and then walked down to Cannery Row and back before heading home.

We talked a lot about how beautiful this state is. We have it all in California. High mountains, desert, a fertile agricultural valley as well as some of the most beautiful coastline you will ever see. The beauty of the Pacific Ocean is only 2 hours away.

I knew this resolution was a good idea in January, but today I decided that it should be a life resolution.