"Dawned" On Me

Tonight was the 2nd half of my Twilight Movie Marathon with "The Moms." We watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 - and it was the first viewing for my friend Kris. (She has not read the books yet, but we've given her the challenge.) Once again, they schlepped over to my house (I live the furtherest away) and we probably (not probably, certainly) spent more time eating and laughing than we did watching the movie.

It dawned on me today (pun intended) that even though we've had numerous dinners... almost the same thing happens every time. We all laugh at each other. We really make fun of each other. Anyone with real insecurities wouldn't last very long around us. We're ruthless. Brutally honest. (And I 'm laughing as I write this.) These are my kind of people... tell it like it is, sarcastic, teasing broads!

From the outside looking in, we must really appear to be quite passive aggressive... but in truth, there is no aggression at all. We've all come to know each other so well we truly do appreciate our differences. (And believe me, there are A LOT of differences between us.) Some subjects that are taboo among friends are common conversation with these ladies. Nothing held back.

No wonder I love them (and our monthly gatherings) so much.