Catholic New Year's Eve

Fat Tuesday is the bachelor party before the wedding. It's the New Year's Eve gathering where you can act like an idiot before midnight and everyone will blame it on the holiday. It's the last hurrah! The end of foolishness and frivolity. When you wake up tomorrow... you'll be called to self examination and fasting and transformation. (Doesn't sound like fun does it? Trust me, it's not.) Catholics get a second chance at those resolutions made at the beginning of the year. We call it Lent. A time of transformation, sacrifice and introspection. A time to commit to positive change for at least 40 days. Somehow it's easier to make the change during Lent. I don't know if it's because it only requires an initial 40 day committment (although positive changes can and should be permanent) or if it's the fact that we make the committment to God. I'm not as likely to eat the chocolate if I promised God I wouldn't.

No matter the reason... we're called to become better and I for one am thankful for the 2nd chance. But in the meantime (today) I'm thankful that I get one last day to be lazy... one last fling... one last piece of chocolate or in my case... one more day to use profanity. (Yes... I'm really going to work on that one this year.) Call it our 24 hour "grace" period!

So Happy F#&%ING Fat Tuesday everyone!