Spinach In My Teeth

It's easy to assess someone's character when you have spinach stuck in your teeth or ashes on your forehead. I have to admit... One of the reasons I look forward to Ash Wednesday every year is the "social experiment" aspect. I love to go places to see who will have the nerve to tell me I have something on my forehead... and who just tries to ignore it. And... it's easy to tell who understands and who ignores by the way they stare. I went to a couple of places today and no one said a word to me. I don't think they were ignoring though... they just didn't pay any attention. (And from the photograph it's easy to distinguish the cross shape.)

Leroy called to tell me a great story of his experience today. One of his best friends stopped him today and offered to remove the "black mark" on his forehead, even reaching up to wipe it off. That's a good friend. Of course when Leroy reminded him (probably not very gently either...) that it was Ash Wednesday they (and other witnesses) had a good laugh.

We already knew the kind of man this guy is... but it's nice to know he's got Leroy's back in matters of appearance as well. We all have friends that wouldn't hesitate to tell us when we had something stuck in our teeth, or some other potentially embarrassing issue. It's a great test to know who will be there for you through thick and thin. I can name several... and I bet you can too. The challenge is to be that kind of friend for someone else.