Beauty School Dropout

Why is it that I always lose my favorite lip gloss? Does this happen to anyone else? I keep track of the .99 cent Chapstick, but can't seem to find the $18 lip gloss I love. I have always loved make-up. I love buying it, I love playing with it and I love wearing it. (Although it does seem like a chore to put it on most mornings.) I think my favorite part is the buying... I like to think the possibilities are endless. I believe the advertising hype. "If you just wear this make-up, you will look flawless." (And who doesn't want to look flawless?)

A simple thing like make up or (for some) a manicure or pedicure can turn your self esteem up several notches... Or at least boost your mood at least temporarily. If we find what it is that give us joy (without it becoming an addiction and/or obsession) it becomes a grace-filled endeavor. I'm not much of a girly-girl, but even for me a little feminine pampering does wonders for my outlook. Even just new lip gloss.

Feeling good is the best beauty regimen of all.