The Man of Steel

Today is my baby boy's 20th birthday. T W E N T Y ! Where did the time go? When I describe Steel, I usually use the term passionate. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and is demonstrative in thought, word and action. To call him quick-witted is a gross understatement and hardly describes his bright intellect. I'd like to think he gets his sharp sense of humor from his mother, but the truth is that he surpassed my skills long ago. I used to think I was pretty smart too... but now when I get into conceptual conversations with Steel, I usually end up dazed and confused.

It's a difficult thing to admit that my children have surpassed me in intelligence. At least it's difficult for me to admit. I do, however have the advantage of experience and it is a gentle teacher. I am smart enough to admit that there are things I can learn from those I love... and my children are no exception.

From Steel, I have learned that what you get out of life is equal to what you put in. Effort equals reward. Go big, or go home. Steel always gives 100% and that was most evident in his participation in athletics. That's where he truly became my hero.

Last fall, when we were in Oregon for one of Steel's games, I had a conversation with one of his favorite college coaches. He was telling me how much he enjoys Steel and told me a story about introducing Steel to some of his former students. When the young men commented on Steel's polite behavior, the coach explained that they only saw a glimpse of his character. The coach said, "You have to experience Steel Rocha."

I couldn't agree more.

Steel has truly thrived since being away at college. Each time he comes home I see more and more of the man he is becoming and I'm enjoying getting to know him all over again. If our conversatations are any indication of his growth and development I am confident that he is on the right path. And, I can't wait to see where it will lead him.