Long Awaited Lasagna

Apparently my expectation of a neighborly welcome when one moved into a new home was a bit of misconception. Having lived in the country for most of my youth, I was not used to having so many neighbors so near by. I always thought that new families were welcomed into communities by neighbors bearing gifts... usually the edible variety... i.e. a bundt cake or maybe a lasagna. At least that's what they did in the movies. I was so looking forward to being the recipient of such kindness when we moved to Hilmar 14 months ago... but it was not the case. I did get some chocolate chip cookies (from my sister-in-law) and some chocolate covered toffee (from some cousins) after much whining. No bundt cake... and certainly, no lasagna. (Even though a particularly favorite aunt, who makes exceptional lasagna lived nearby.)


No lasagna... until today. When I walked in tonight, from a very long day... there, waiting for me was my gifted lasagna. The gift I had hoped for so long ago to ease the pain and suffering of moving. A gesture that says... "Hey, welcome... dinner's on us tonight."

But the grace in this gesture is not the gift itself, it the bearer of the gift. It was not my new neighbors. It did not come from a cousin or aunt. It came from a lovely lady who was my neighbor for many, many years before we moved... my wonderful mother in law, Doralice.

She's always been there for me (us) in a time of need. She took it upon herself to make my wish come true. Even in my silliness... and whining... and complaining she saw fit that I should get what I had hoped for. Her kindness is the very essence of... the very definition of grace.

She is the gift.

So for all of you who live in my general vicinity... I'd like to state that it's not too late to follow this great lady's example. It doesn't have to be fancy, or even a lasagna. (A chocolate bundt cake would be lovely.) Whip up a little something-something and deliver it to a family you love. (Even if it's not mine.)