Settling In

Moving sucks. Even with all of the great help and short distance... it's still a miserable experience. The worst is getting up the first morning and not being able to find what you need for the day. The last two mornings have been chaotic... trying to find everything. I couldn't stand it anymore.

This afternoon, I begged Sierra to help me for just 1 hour. I told her she could set a timer and if it wasn't done in an hour, she could walk away. We pulled all of my clothes out of the closet and reorganized my side. Now, everything is grouped together and put in accessible areas so I can find it easily. Shoes and bags are neatly arranged and matched up. It took (almost exactly) one hour.

After that I was still motivated and I worked on the garage, laundry area and rearranged a place for the dog food. (Charlie and Daisy have been very impatient with me trying to find their food and bowls.)

Now, I've hit the wall. Day 4 of almost complete exhaustion, but I'm so thankful for the time to just organize. (Absolutely one of my favorite things to do... and to have done.) I'm excited to get up in the morning and try everything. I still have my whole office to unpack and organize. The TV/Internet/Phone guy is coming in the morning so I'll work on that while he's setting up our equipment. Tomorrow night should be our first night settled in our new home.