Wrinkle Cream

I discovered a new skin care regimen a while back and I think it's really making a difference. I guess as long as I think it's working, it's worth the price, right? I have very oily skin and so I've never been real keen on using a moisturizer. However, I've started using Neutrogena's line of "wrinkle fixer upper" and I really feel like it's making a difference. A skin care professional told me several years ago that I should use a moisturizer to control my oily skin. If my skin doesn't feel dry, it won't produce as much oil. I didn't buy it... but now I'm thinking maybe she was right. (Who knew?)

I'm just glad that there are products out there (actually too many) that can make a difference. I guess one starts to worry about this when you hit mid 40's. I don't mind getting older, but I'm going to take advantage of things that help (at least slow down) the appearance of aging.