Lightly Packing

Today we've been packing for a little trip we'll be taking soon. I've been whining about not having anything to wear. Now my problem is that I have too much crap and my effort to pack lightly isn't going so well. So I've come to realize that while having too little is a problem, having too much is a problem as well. We are happiest when we live in the middle of too little and too much. We like the happy medium. It's all a part of balance.

I'm not just talking about possessions, this concept is true when it comes to relationships, work, pleasure, food, activity... just about everything. While no one wants to go without, the pressure of too much causes us stress as well.

The grace comes in understanding this so that I can fix it. I'm going to work on simplifying and doing with less. It's all a matter of priorities.

My first project will be the suitcase.