The blog postings will be a bit later than usual this week. By the gracious invitation of my cousins, we are in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. We flew in today. It still feels like a dream. I haven't been here since I was about 8 years old... and I've never been to Maui. Even the flights over here were fun, I cannot imagine what the coming days will hold.

March's beach day has been pretty darn awesome and we just got here. When I resolved to see and touch the ocean at least once a month I had no idea, I'd spend March's day in Hawaii.

There is no better place to experience God's grace than to be out in His creation and Hawaii has some of the most spectacular natural scenery. Everywhere you go on this beautiful island you are blessed with a gift to the senses. I will share my adventure with you on the blog to the best of my abilities, but no words can truly describe this experience. And we've only just begun.