State of Relaxation

Even if we had to leave this island tomorrow... it would have been worth the trip. Each day I have watched my husband get more and more relaxed. The most relaxed state that I have ever witnessed for this man. It didn't start off that way. He must have weighed our luggage 6 times (each) before zipping them up for the final time. He kept re-arranging and shifting, (all while silently praying) until the scale read lighter than 50 lbs. With all of this commotion before we even left the house, I was nervous that he'd never just calm down and enjoy the journey. But he did.

Even his cell phone has been unusually quiet. This evening, when we went to the hot tub after dinner... he left it in the room. (Seriously, he really did.) I was in shock... still am actually.

I think we've found Leroy's happy place.