See Turtle

Things are going pretty well when you have too many "graces" in one day and have to choose just one to write about. Everyone should have such a problem. The day started off with our morning walk and ended up at the Kihei Caffe for Loco Moco. I had remembered this wonderful dish from my first visit to the islands when I was a child. (More about that in another post.) Today, I ordered it for breakfast at a local eatery (the recommendation of two of Steel's schoolmates who are from the area) and was very excited to try it again. Although it was delicious, about 4 bites was about all I could take. The strong flavors and sticky rice was a bit more than I could handle. I guess my 44 year old stomach can't take the dish like I did when I was a child. But I was thrilled to give it a go one more time.

My favorite moment of the day came later in the morning. We went snorkeling (a first for me.) We rented equipment near our hotel... and the only advice the rental staff had was not to smile... it breaks the seal on the mask. I did really well following this rule until I saw a sea turtle swimming near the ocean floor underneath me. I was so excited, I gasped and started to giggle. I immediately looked up to see if anyone else saw it and fortunately my sister in law (who happens to be celebrating her birthday today) was right next to me and saw him pass by as well. I was so glad to see her there so she could confirm what I saw and be my back up witness to the others on shore who I was sure would never believe me.

We spent the rest of the day touring other cities on the island and driving around the western perimeter. We were all together today due to the fact that my brother (who has been suffering with a kidney stone) was feeling a little better. We laughed and poked fun at each other all day long... which is very typical behavior for my family. These are the times we'll remember years from now... Not what we did, not what we saw, but who we were with and the relationships. That's the true grace of the day. Experiencing such wonder with people we know and love.

From left to right: Leroy, me, my cousins Trudy and Dale (from WA) and my brother Curtis and his wife Linda. (The birthday girl.) This was the site of our snorkeling adventure. The sea turtle is behind us... somewhere.