A Land of Contrasts

I realized something today on our little photography adventure. Everything that makes this island beautiful is contrast. The stark contrast between the water and the land. The contrast between the lush green and the hard lava. And of course, light and dark. It makes for wonderful photographic opportunities. The same object can can look drastically different as the light changes with the time of day. Nothing appears the same with each passing minute. But it's not just a photographic observation. It's a life observation. Our lives, our experiences never appear the same with the passage of time. Each moment offers a new perspective... and a new outlook... simply a new view. A reoccurring gift of grace. The undeserved gift we get over and over and over again. Most of the time we don't even stop to notice, or worse yet, we fail to look a second time for fear of seeing the same thing.

Our challenge lies is being open to changing perspective. Change is uncomfortable at best... but so necessary for growth. The light is changing all around us, perhaps its time to change our lens as well.