Friendly Finale

Today was our last full day of Hawaii and I can't believe that I'm not more melancholy. This vacation has been so much more than just a trip, or time away. It has been rejuvenating, inspiring and different from any other trip or vacation we've ever experienced. Our time over here has been educational and healing... just what we needed. I almost feel as though I've been attending a week long seminar. I've learned so many things... much of it coming from my cousins who invited us along on their vacation. All of this learning has varied from to how to use my iPad more effeciently, healthy diet and fitness to how to walk into the ocean wearing fins and snorkel gear. We have talked about everything under the sun both simple and complex... and I've learned something every day.

I don't get to see these cousins often, and this time together has really been a "get to know you better" experience. But I am leaving here (and them) knowing that we have become more than just relatives, we are now friends. We have laughed and teased and reminisced and every moment has been grace filled. I am also confident that this is not the end, but only the beginning of a closer relationship and for that I am so grateful.