Groceries Galore

Some days hold profound moments of realization and epiphany. They come at the oddest times, but I always walk away having learned something. Most of the time it's something about myself and the world I live in that I had never really considered in depth. Today I was grocery shopping. Sounds simple and ordinary. I've done it hundreds of times before... but today was different. Today I was struck by the ease of the whole process. Everything I need under one roof. I don't even half to walk very far, or hunt down the items I'm looking for... they're all right there waiting for me. Clean, fresh and ready to go.

All I have to trade is money... which is much easier to carry with me than say a chicken or fresh milk. There is no haggling, no bartering and no hassle. I can go just about any time or any day... and I have several different "markets" to choose from.

I always buy more than I need... and don't always use or eat what I buy. That's always bothered me. But I'm really going to try and not take this for granted anymore. I want to appreciate the simple graces and this is a big one that I can't do without.