Community Campaign

We've known for a long time that our little town of Hilmar is special. But even the residents are surprised by the generous hearts of the people in this community. On April 14th, Hilmar will host a Relay for Life Event for the American Cancer Society. This is the first event of this kind for our town. It's not a surprise that there was interest in this charitable event, but I don't think the organizers expected the tremendous response.

The ACS asks that a minimum of $12,000 be raised by the event. Hilmar's original goal of $50,000 was met a few weeks ago. As of tonight, the money banked is over $90,000... and we're still 22 days away. It is exciting and humbling all at the same time. By the time this is over, they could be well over $120,000. Ten times the original commitment.

This is my first time walking in this type of event... and I am honored to participate. If you like to donate to the American Cancer Society through Hilmar's Relay for Life, please click on the link below to be re-directed.