Apple Angels

Far be it for me to make marketing or business suggestions for Apple, but I think they struck out when they named their technical helpers Geniuses. They are more like guardian angels... Apple Angels is a more accurate description. For those of you who have not yet "dipped your toe" into all things Apple... at any time you can schedule an appointment with a "Genius" at the "Genius Bar" and get hands on really LIVE help and support. It's wonderful. I screwed up my iTunes (music) last night trying to move it to an external hard drive but I didn't freak out because I knew my Apple Angel could make it right. And he did. (Today's angel was named Marc.)

I wish everything in life had a re-ride or a do-over that was as simple. The fact is, most of the time we're forced to live with the decisions we make... good, bad or ugly. And what seems insignificant at the time can turn into a huge mess if the wrong choice is made.

So for today, I'll be thankful for the grace and take advantage of the second chances that are offered to me.