What Ya Got Cookin?

I'm pretty spoiled... And that's not headline news. I've been spoiled my whole life... and I'm used to it. When Leroy proposed to me, my mother asked him if he intended to "take care of me in the manner to which I was accustom." He assured her he would. Of course I don't think she realized the extent. Leroy's a handy husband to have around for the most part. He's not real great at fixing things... but he's really great at fixing food. He's a great cook and all of us enjoy that talent. He makes it look so easy. Tonight he made some of his famous pork chops. (Actually, they are his mother's famous pork chops, but I have to say he's mastered them.) They smell so good while he's making them it adds to the pleasure of the actual consumption.

I'm happy when anyone (besides me) fixes a meal. I'm not picky... and food always tastes better when someone else does the cooking. Leroy always kicks that up a notch and that keeps us coming back for seconds.