Tragic Comedy

I've always thought the images depicting drama (you know the ones with the laughing and crying masks) were a little creepy. They always reminded me of big, scary clowns. Initially, I didn't understand the symbolism. But that's the way life is... isn't it? Life is full of ups and downs, light and dark, day and night. It's a good thing when you can enjoy the good, but when you can eventually laugh at the bad too... you know you're going to be ok... Tonight we went to a comedy show with some friends. Comedy is nothing more than telling funny stories... but sometimes the stories don't sound so funny. Sometimes, to the listener, they seem down right tragic. Taking negative situations and making them funny is nothing short of genius. But first you have to survive.

Situations are only funny if there's an element of truth. And to laugh... we have to recognize something in the story... something that reminds us of ourselves. Most people don't like to admit this, but it doesn't make it less true.

Tonight we laughed with friends and strangers... and recognized (together) the tragedy around us. Opportunities like this make it easier to face the next bad thing that's going to happen. And to look forward to the moment when we can laugh at it.


I must mention the "Genius" comedians we heard last night.  Both were hilarious... and really put on a great show!

Dan St. Paul - or @danstpaul on Twitter - (First Baseball game is a favorite in my Catholic family.)

Ms. Pat - or @ComedienneMsPat on Twitter - (Hysterically honest humor.  I'll be going to see her again when she's comes to town.)  BTW - Ms. Pat found me on Twitter and re-tweeted my blog post from last night.  Thanks for the shout out Lady!  Can't wait to see you next time!