Tribute Gift

I've always said that I really should write a book. And someday I will... once I figure out what I'm going to write about. Too many stories to tell... and I can't pick just one... yet. I just finished The Hunger Games (first book) and we watched the movie tonight. Great story. (The book is much better than the movie.) So much drama... and action... and twists and turns... you never know what's coming next... even if you try to guess.

My life is like that. I'm not guessing anymore and I'm certainly not assuming what comes next. The characters that come in and out of my life drama are vivid and full of life. Some you love, and some you love to hate. But they all play a part... And they all serve a purpose. I'm convinced everyone around me has something to teach me. I just wish I was a faster learner.

Today's grace came in the form of a reprieve of sorts... a gift of time. What we do with the gift is up to us, but it has been offered. For Hunger Game fans, it's similar to an arena gift from a sponsor. Someone who believes and wants to support us has offered a gift. So this tribute will simply say thank you and acknowledge the chance to fight another day.