Delayed Second Wind

We're still coming off of the high of Hilmar's Relay for Life. BTW - The current amount raised is over $188,000 which makes this the most successful first year even in the state of California. The next closest event raised $78,000. Anything that disrupts my normal sleep pattern always throws me for a loop. Ever since I was really young... I've always required a lot of sleep. I never outgrew that adolescent need. So attempting to stay up and active for 24 hours straight has left me tired and a little rummy.

Thankfully, we did not have a full schedule of events and activities planned. We did, however, manage to get quite a bit done including re-organizing the pantry (sounds more impressive that it really is) as well as all of the laundry and clean up of all the "stuff" we had at the Relay. We were smart enough to tackle these chores after a 4 hour nap.

A friend asked me this morning what the topic of tonight's blog post would be. I assured here I was confident that it would be about sleep. While I am thankful for that gift, I am also thankful for the second wind to catch up on some of the simple housekeeping things I was able to accomplish which will make the rest of the week much more manageable.