Caine's Arcade

Someone asked me how I felt about the forced career changes that Leroy and I have made over the past few years.  While I wouldn't trade a moment of those days spent on the dairy, I have to say that I am now aware that everything happened for a reason and even though we may not see the big picture, we are building our way to a better life.  We are still very much in transition... and even now as new opportunities arise for us we are challenged to work in areas that we never imagined. Sierra shared a blog post with me today that has really made an impact.  The blog comes from Sierra's friend who has started a business selling apparel and accessories designed for active lifestyles.  (I borrowed several of Sierra's scarves by Borelli Design for our recent trip to Maui and became a huge fan.)  Marissa Borelli's personal blog is where I found the story about Caine's Arcade.

I don't want to tell you too much of the story.  Rather, I encourage you to watch this video to learn more about this remarkable young man and his drive.  It is (and he is) truly inspirational.  Caine's story is proof that it just takes one opportunity to change the entire outlook of your business.  I don't believe in luck.  I believe that what we call "luck" is really the moment when preparation meets opportunity.  So we ask ourselves, are we prepared for the opportunity that is just around the corner?  Caine made sure he was prepared... always working and improving his vision.  Thanks Caine for the lesson in perseverance and hard work.  You example is pure grace. [vimeo w=400&h=300]