I have received a very kind compliment twice, from two different people in as many days. Yesterday, Leroy forwarded an email to me where a dear lady had mentioned my "positive attitude." Today, my eye doctor said he appreciated my "positive attitude" during my contact lens trials. Most of us feel awkward receiving a compliment. More often than not, we ruin it by dismissing it, or denying the qualifying trait. I try and make a conscience attempt to let the kindness sink in and to simply offer appreciation in return. It doesn't always work.

My perceived "positive attitude" is also a conscious choice. As difficult as it can be, I try, every day, to stay on the bright side and to see the silver lining in all of the clouds around me. I have to remind myself that while I do not have control over most situations, I can control how I react and respond. There is always a bright side and that is where I try to focus. Some days are easier than others, but it always takes effort. To hear that my choice is making an impact on those around me is music to my ears.

The best way I know how to accomplish this goal is to count my blessings and to take notice of the abundance of grace around me. The attitude of gratitude is the secret. This blog is a tool in that effort. On day 108 of this endeavor, I can confidently say that it's working.