Old Friends

Charlie and I had a visit today at Casa de Modesto. We go on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month. Our routine has changed a bit since we first started at this facility back in September of 2011. When we first began, we were escorted by a member of the activities staff. Now we just check in at the reception desk, grab a list of the residents and go along our merry way. Most of the residents remember Charlie. Our visit shows up on their calendar for the day, but they all seem surprised when they actually see us. For some, it takes their breath away to see this big, hairy dog walk in for a visit. The moment is priceless and it happens every single visit. Some of the residents forget... or they confuse Charlie with another dog (Avery) that usually comes on the day before we visit. There is one common factor. Seeing Charlie brings a flood of memories for these people of the dogs they have loved and lost during their lifetimes. I hear their stories over and over again and it never gets old.

It struck me today that some of these residents are becoming friends... and not just friends for Charlie. There are some that I have been able to build relationship with and for that I am truly blessed. One lady, Margaret, is a particular gem She waits in the hallway for our visit. The last time we were there, Margaret had just returned from the hospital getting over a case of pneumonia. I was so happy to see her doing so much better this week.

Each time I go I am blessed beyond measure. It is such pure grace to have the privilege of sharing this wonderful animal with so many who appreciate him and the effort. It's definitely a win/win situation.