Mission Accomplished

I'm the kind of person who dreads. I don't worry about things... because I understand that most things are out of my control... and worry changes nothing. I do however, dread. I dread even good things. But mostly I dread events. The lazy side of me is convinced that nothing is worth the effort... at least usually. I know... sounds pretty negative, huh? It is however an accurate assessment of my irrational thinking.

The good side of dread is the space of time when I have "survived" whatever it was I had been dreading. This is the good part. The feeling of accomplishment, finality and closure. This is the part I LOVE! You'd think that this feeling would trump the feeling of dread. You'd think this would be my focus. If I was smart... it would be.

Still so much to learn. I'll work on that, but for tonight, I'll just be thankful for the feeling of accomplishment.