Just Like Mom

My mom had a dear childhood friend that remained her best friend until the end of her life. Pat has been a constant fixture in my family my entire life... and even longer than that. Mom was able to spend quite a bit of time with Pat that last few years of her life and she loved every minute of it. Pat travels a lot... so I'm never really sure where she is at any given moment. But every once in a while, she'll call out of the blue to check up on me and my brothers. Today was one of those days.

Pat's memory is phenomenal and she's kept track of many of her friends throughout the years. She gives me updates on everyone's health and whereabouts and I don't think she even realizes that I don't know who many of these people are... Most of them I've never met. It cracks me up. Even when I remind her she insists I listen to the stories because it's important.

Visiting with Pat is almost like having a small part of Mom back with me. It is difficult to explain. I'm so thankful that she still checks in once in a while and cares about us. She keeps track of where we are in life and wants to be updated. She tells me she loves and misses me and how proud she is of me.

Just like Mom.