Administrative Professional

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. I know there is merit in doing for others without reward, but a little appreciation goes a long way. And it sure makes doing for others easier the next time around. Sometimes it's the only reward we need. There was a time when I did a lot more for Leroy than I do now. His skills on the computer were limited at best and he's only had an email address for less than 5 years. (At least one that he's used.) But now that he's changed careers, he's become very proficient at the clerical and office work that I used to handle for him. He also has a great support staff at his office.

I always referred to myself as his personal secretary, but not anymore. Now Leroy does it all himself and to be honest, that makes me a little sad. So today, when he remembered what was formerly known as "Secretary's Day" today, I was touched to say the least. Even if he doesn't need me as much anymore he let me know that he still appreciates my effort and willingness.