Chase 'n A Dream

It's an extraordinary thing to witness big league dreams coming true.  Truly a privilege and an honor.  For those of us involved in high school and collegiate football there is no goal bigger than the NFL.   Each step of the way, the dream gets a little bigger and a little bigger and we hope against the odds that everything we'd pray for would come to fruition.  Each milestone is a major accomplishment in itself:  Starting in high school, being recruited and playing in college, invited to NFL combines, being scouted and finally getting signed with an NFL team.  Statistically of the 100,000 high school seniors who play football every year, only 215 will ever make an NFL roster. That's .02%.  For every 9,000 athletes that play college football, only about 310 are invited to participate in NFL Scouting. We've met some incredible people through our involvement in football... and on the top of the list is the Deadder family.  We've been big fans of Chase Deadder since his high school days when he was Sierra's classmate at Central Catholic High School in Modesto.  When Sierra brought him home for the first time (their senior year) Chase became a part of the family and his dreams became our dreams.  He was always so much fun to watch in the game.  His size, speed and ball handling abilities set him apart when he played in high school and we were thrilled when he was recruited to play at Sacramento State.  We were honored to watch him play at Sac State his senior year and he was nothing less than spectacular in his college career as well.

We've followed the news of his NFL try-outs and scouting and knew he wanted to take a shot at playing in the NFL.  We were wishing, and hoping and praying right along with everyone else that loves this kid.

Yesterday evening, we received a telephone call from Chase telling us that he was offered a Free Agent contract with the Tennessee Titans.  We were ecstatic.  We'd been watching the draft all weekend long hoping that he'd get picked up.  When it ended on Saturday evening, Leroy said... "Well now we have to wait to see if any teams call.  This is when the real action starts." Boy was he right.  It was only a couple of hours later that we heard from Chase.

We are excited for Chase to say the least.  But more than that, we are humbled by the privilege of watching this young man grow and achieve what so many can only dream of but only a few will actually accomplish.  We've been up close and personal on this one and the grace of experiencing this with him leaves us in awe.   I know this is not the end of his story.  There is still a lot of work to do, but I hope he enjoys the experience.  I hope he lives in the moment and takes each day as the grace that it is, knowing that he blessed and loved beyond comprehension.  We too are blessed by him and appreciate being along for the ride.

I guess I'm a Tennessee Titans fan now.

(Click here to read the first article I found regarding Chase.  I'm sure there will be more in the future.)