Routine Grace

I'm a creature of habit... and routine and schedules. I love organizational concepts and do best when things go according to a well thought out plan. It requires a bit of effort on my part to be flexible when facing the unknown. This is not a comfortable position for me and I quickly try to find a way to get back into the routine I desire. I listened to a podcast yesterday with an interesting concept. He suggested writing down what my "perfect day" would be like. What would I do if I could do anything... and what would I want to accomplish. It's got me thinking... I have lots to do... and even more that I WANT to do... so my day would be very full. One thing I know for sure... it will have to be well organized and precisely scheduled... which makes me smile.

Creating the "groove" and routine when there are important life changes is always a challenge. What works well one day, may not be so great the next. And so I continue to look for ways to improve my work flow. Today was a pretty good day. I was able to accomplish everything I set out to do and even do a bit of planning for tomorrow. (Always a treat for a girl like me.)